Reuters: AAIB looking at condensation and ELT wiring as the possible cause of the Ethiopian Airlines 787 fire

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Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) is now focusing on possible condensation on the parked Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 787-8 (ET-AOP) at London Heathrow Airport and a possible pinched wire in an emergency beacon (ELT) as the possible cause of the July 12 fire, according to people familiar with the investigation and this report by Reuters.

Read the full report: CLICK HERE

Meanwhile, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) stated it will require inspections of all Honeywell ELTs on all 787s. However the FAA stopped short of requiring the airlines to disconnect or remove the ELTs.

Read the full report from Reuters: CLICK HERE

Boeing meanwhile has issued this statement:

The safety of passengers and crew members who fly aboard Boeing airplanes is our highest priority.

As a party to the investigation, Boeing supports the two recommendations from the UK Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB), which we think are reasonable precautionary measures to take…

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