LOG: Manchester SUN 17/5 00.00 – 22.55

MAN Arrivals / Departures Log beginning 17/05/2015 00:00:11.
Times are LOCAL.
Author Paul Moiser

Runway in use 23

Manchester SUN 17/5

Arr CallSign Reg Type
00:02 TOM3HT G-OOBN Boeing 757-2G5
00:30 MON627V G-OZBU Airbus A321-231
00:36 EZY1944 G-EZWU Airbus A320-214/W
00:39 MON605K G-ZBAD Airbus A321-231
00:41 TCX2503 G-TCCA Boeing 767-31K
00:44 EZY9014 G-EZFW Airbus A319-111
00:47 MON567F G-ZBAI Airbus A321-231
00:51 EZY1974 G-EZOH Airbus A320-214SL
00:58 TCX82HV G-TCDY Airbus A321-211
01:01 EZY1957 G-EZWK Airbus A320-214
01:03 TOM663 G-TAWK Boeing 737-8K5/W
01:08 MON643U G-OZBX Airbus A320-214
01:21 EZY79GX G-EZFB Airbus A319-111
01:27 EXS938 G-LSAC Boeing 757-23A
01:34 EXS91HJ G-LSAN Boeing 757-2K2
01:36 TOM819 G-FDZE Boeing 737-8K5
01:41 EZY47PW G-EZOF Airbus A320-214SL
01:44 TOM585 G-FDZZ Boeing 737-8K5/W
01:46 TOM33J G-CPEV Boeing 757-236
01:49 EZY92UB G-EZOD Airbus A320-214SL
01:54 TOM295 G-FDZT Boeing 737-8K5/W
01:59 EXS6KZ G-LSAK Boeing 757-23N
02:10 TCX39FU LY-VEJ Airbus A320-232
02:15 EXS944 G-GDFD Boeing 737-8K5/W
02:17 TOM34P G-OBYE Boeing 767-304

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